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Company Profile

Winsec Savings & Loans has been servicing the community since 1990. Due to prudent management and sensible lending policies, we’ve achieved steady growth and profitability.

Originally servicing the north-east Victorian community from our base in Wangaratta, our client base now extends to other regions as well as major cities.

Winsec Savings & Loans’ main activities are to accept deposits of money and to lend money. Our aim is to provide efficient and personal service to borrowers and depositors alike. Our directors take a keen interest in the business and are personally involved in the loan approval process and company management.

Winsec Savings & Loans takes an active role in the finance industry through its membership of Provincial Financial Group
(see www.Provincial Financial Group.com.au)

Our Directors

Antonino Giovanni Ruvolo, Managing Director/Chairman
Neil Alisdair Stewart
Kenneth James Butterworth
Jeffory William Herdegen
Jonathan Douglas Frank Duffy

Our Staff

Winsec Staff

Memberships & Associations

Provincial Financial GroupWinsec Savings & Loans is a member of Provincial Financial Group, a group of financial service providers in regional Victoria with more than $1.3 billion under management. The group has been operating for over 40 years and members exchange ideas, monitor industry trends and work to ensure their customers receive the best possible savings and loan facilities.

See www.Provic.com.au for more information.

Useful Links

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